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Our initiatives have had a wide ranging positive impact on the villages and its people – economically, socially and environmentally. Here are some stories and testimonials that fuel our spirits to continue on the path that we have chosen.
When the soil gets what it needs, it gives us what we want
(Samadhan Chandu Gawai | Babhulgaon village, District Akola)
Quite often, we have the means to overcome our problems but we just don't know how to put it into action. Samadhan Chandu Gawai, a retired government warehouse manager, owns 10 acres of land at Babhulgaon village in Akola District where he grew cotton in monsoon (Kharif) and wheat in the winter (Rabi).
A child's labour is a childhood lost
(Madan Kokte | Salpi village, District Akola)
Child labour is economically unsound, psychologically disastrous and unsustainable for the future. 16 year old Madan Kokte was one such child trapped in the clutches of child labour. His family of seven, depended on his father and a meagre piece of non-irrigated land to make ends meet.
Using the nature's arsenal to fight nature's pests
(Murlidhar Furange | Kupta Village, District Akola)
Many a times, the means to overcome an obstacle of nature, is found in the nature itself. Murlidhar owns about 15 acres of land in the Balapur block of our BCI project. A 55-year old educated up to higher secondary, he is also the facilitator of 'Adarsh Shetkari' - BCI learning group. In 2012-13, Murlidhar decided to grow cotton in his fields but faced a chronic pest problem that had affected his yield over the years.
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