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Our initiatives have had a wide ranging positive impact on the villages and its people – economically, socially and environmentally. Here are some stories and testimonials that fuel our spirits to continue on the path that we have chosen.
 Arvind's project promotes fair trade practices and environment conservation. It organises cultural and educational programmes for abolishing child labour, which is very crucial.
- Gorakhbhai (Rajpur Village)
 With the inclusion of trap crop, my overall expenditure on pesticides has reduced substantially. By adopting the best practices shared by Arvind BCI team, my net profit has increased considerably.
- Murlidhar Furange (Kupta Village)
 My son is going to school again. Despite all the hardships, I promise to work alone so that my child can lead a better life.
- Arun Kokte (Salpi Village)
 By buying cotton at fair prices,
there has been a drastic change in the socio-economic conditions
of our village.
- Harishbhai Patel (Balda Village)
 Arvind's initiative not only gives scientific knowledge, but also social and environmental education to us farmers. I believe that more and more farmers
should come and join such programmes.
- Santoshbhai (Devada Village)
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