Genuine Partnerships
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In order to build sustainable eco-systems that function, one needs to build strong partnerships with shared goals and common vision. At Arvind, we engage with stakeholders on both side of the chain - customers and farmers and integrate their perspectives into our business priorities and decision-making processes to create symbiotic relationships and synergetic economies.
We collaborate closely with our customers, keeping high standards in quality, efficiency, responsibility and reliability. In a chaotic commoditized market, we eliminate the guessing game and provide customers with:
We ensure complete traceability of our products. We do this by maintaining control over the entire chain of custody: be it procuring the seeds, getting the required organic manure, testing the quality of the produce, getting it packaged, storing in the warehouse or local transportation.
We work with farmers at grassroot level and have in-depth knowledge of prevailing local conditions. This can be decisive in ensuring genuine produce and smooth and
sustained supply.
We are part of the Arvind Group, which is renowned for its ethical conduct and good governance. We bring the same rigour and trust to all our business dealings.
Owing to these factors, we have had the privilege to partner with leading garment manufacturers, feed producers and retail houses.
Cotton that is
traceable from
shop floor
to the farm
that has stood
the test of time
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