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Over and above assuring surety and confidence in the produce, our larger contribution is in guiding farmers on what form of sustainable agriculture they should adopt depending on the kind of soil and the quality of irrigation available.
In India the practice of agriculture can broadly be segmented into two types.
  High-intensity, continuous cropping system that uses high levels of agrochemicals and reshapes land and waterways.     Farming system thatuses far fewer inputs, but requires relatively large expanses of land to compensate for low crop and livestock yields.
Both systems have lacunae, but need different prescriptions. Some are ideal for organic while others are better suited for BCI.
At Arvind, we evaluate each land parcel keeping in mind soil, water, yields, investments and potential farmer income before recommending the kind of sustainable practices that should be adopted. We are acutely aware that sustainable agriculture will take firm root and truly flourish only when it augments farmer income.
We supplement the farmer's strong motivation for sustained and enhanced income by imparting training on sustainable farming and providing continuous support. When intent and ability combine, continuity is an obvious outcome.
Continuity of sustainable farming helps the farmer move up the learning curve and enhances yield. It also helps us safeguard the supply lines for our products and ensure consistent and timely deliveries.
The true essence of sustainability is the optimal use of natural resources   100%
Organic Cotton
  Right technical assistance,
better management practice
and inputs enable small
farmers to produce more and
earn more.
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