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End-to-End Traceability
Comprised of a host of small farmers, the organic farming landscape in India can be quite challenging for a large buyer. We bring transparency and 100% traceability to what otherwise is a chaotic, largely unorganised industry.
At Farm
End-to-end traceability of each shipment up to individual farmer level is ensured through our Internal Control System (ICS)
We work closely with farmers and methodically collect details of each farmer and field, and conduct individual risk assessments
Detailed contracts are drawn up and signed with the farmers. These contracts comprehensively detail the practices to be followed by the farmer and how Arvind will be auditing them
Self Help Groups (SHGs) of 15-20 farmers are formed. These SHGs are encouraged and facilitated to create awareness, share information and train on new and existing cultivation methods. This peer camaraderie injects collective responsibility and ensures adherence to prescribed practices
At Production
Produce at village level is grouped using Warehouse Receipt Systems and identified by unique token numbers when transported to the processing unit
Raw material (RM) lot is created based on Finished Goods lot quantity and issued to processing units only after being allotted with a unique RM lot number
Finished Good (FG) batch is tested by Eurofins, Bengaluru (random sample drawn from 10% of bags) and identified by a FG Lot number
At Shipment Level
The finished goods are packaged using covers that keep the products safe from pilferage and moisture
Transportation is done through specialized shipment containers
Our Internal Control System ensures
end-to-end traceability of each
shipment to individual farmers
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