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The Arvind Ethos
At Arvind, it is firmly believed that a successful company must play an active role in the development of the society from which it springs. Besides pursuing its business goals, it should also be responsible corporate citizen. It is because of these beliefs that Arvind is always on the forefront of helping the needy, downtrodden and for the society at large.
Arvind has always been actively involved in development of educational institution, hospitals and research institutions in Ahmedabad. It co-pioneered the world renowned Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA), and helped set up the Ahmedabad Textile Industry Research Association (ATIRA), and The Kasturbhai Lalbhai Textile Training Center to develop and enhance the skills of textile workers.
The Narottambhai Lalbhai Rural Development Fund was founded to undertake special programs for the economically deprived. It also assists the nearby villages, through nutritional programs, food camps, aids awareness, widow livelihood programs etc.
At Arvind, we believe in repaying to society in our own little way through a social arm of ours – SHARDA Trust
Established in 1995 with the support of Arvind Mills, “Strategic Help Alliance for Relief to Distressed Areas” (SHARDA), its purpose is to
help the urban poor in improving their quality
of life.
The Group
Established in the 1931 to cater to the immediate and pressing need of quality fabrics, Arvind is, today,
a US$ 2 billion Group and one of the leading
manufacturers of textiles & apparel in India.
Constant transformation is the foundation on which Arvind has built its business, spanning over 80 years. Despite changing economic scenarios and changing market preferences, the Arvind Group has remained relevant and veritably value-driven.
In addition to manufacturing fabric, the Group has diversified business interests comprising garments, advanced materials, retail, engineering, real estate, sustainable agriculture and telecom.
to empower
economically deprived
to improve the
quality of life
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