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In order to build sustainable eco-systems that function, one needs to build strong partnerships with shared goals and common vision. At Arvind, we engage with stakeholders on both side of the chain - customers and farmers and integrate their perspectives into our business priorities and decision-making processes to create symbiotic relationships and synergetic economies.
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Soybean Farmers
In India, small farmers have more often than not ended up holding the short end of the stick. At Arvind we remedy that malady and form partnerships of progress with the farmer interests dominating the relationships and the transactions.
A dedicated team of 75+ Agronomists works with farmers to promote sustainable cultivation practices and help farmers harvest steady yields with higher nutritional qualities.
Our agronomists work closely with farmers to improve and maintain soil fertility by practicing natural techniques like composting, bio fertilizers, effective micro-organisms etc.
Our training programs cover wide areas like
Maintaining farm records
Uniting farmers in self-help groups
Soil fertility
Pest and disease management
Post-harvest handling and more
Our cleaning & grading facilities are considered one of the finest in India.
    75+ Agronomists
work with farmers
partnerships of progress
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