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In order to build sustainable eco-systems that function, one needs to build strong partnerships with shared goals and common vision. At Arvind, we engage with stakeholders on both side of the chain - customers and farmers and integrate their perspectives into our business priorities and decision-making processes to create symbiotic relationships and synergetic economies.
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In India, small farmers have more often than not ended up holding the short end of the stick. At Arvind we remedy that malady and form partnerships of progress with the farmer interests dominating the relationships and the transactions.
Better Cotton Initiative
Our Better Cotton Initiative journey started in 2010 with 1,200 farmers and approx. 3,200 ha of land. We have grown to over 4,000 farmers and approx. 15,815 ha under cultivation.
Along the way, our initiative has transformed the lives of the local people in following ways:
Environmental and
Social Transformation
Educating farmers and their families about Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and its benefits to the environment
Providing proper training on usage and handling of plant protection chemicals
We along with the support of our project partners (farmers) have managed to reduce water consumption, fertilizer usage and pesticide use in the farms
We bring farmers together in Learning Groups to encourage collaboration and reinforce the social fabric
Street plays on Child labour, Forced labour etc. resulting in increased awareness and discontinuation of these social evils
We have helped farmers enhance their income by boosting productivity (yields) and reducing input cost through a host of initiatives such as
Economies of scale - Mass purchase of inputs at better rates
Doorstep pick-up of produce from farmers
Guaranteed purchase of cotton produce
Assured payments resulting in reduced dependence on local money lenders
Fair Business Practices - Honest weighing of materials
Introducing farmers to mainstream banking channels
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