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Organic Soybean
With more than 13,500 acres under cultivation and annual productivity of more than 12,000 MT, Arvind's organic soybean project, in the Akola district of Maharashtra, is one of the largest in India.
Since 2007, this project has not only increased farm productivity and farmer profitability, but has also enhanced the characteristic qualities of soybean significantly.
Our soybean has approx. 0.5% higher protein, 0.25% higher oil content and 10% less moisture as compared to the area average - giving more value for money to our customers.
Our organic soybeans are available in two variants:
Food Grade Soybean
We are one of the very few soybean producers in India whose produce meet the requirement for three major soybean food variants – Tofu, Soymilk and Soy flour. This makes us the preferred choice by organic soybean food manufacturers, globally.
Feed Grade Soybean
Owing to its physical characteristics like pale yellow colour, high protein content and less moisture, our feed grade soybean is a valuable addition to cattle, poultry and fish feeds.
We have the capacity to produce more than 3,000 MT
of food grade soybean per annum
In addition to the providing expert help to our farmers and ensuring a transparent payment gateway system, our Arvind's Organic Soybean Project also has features like:
State-of-the-art processing units equipped with advanced cleaning and grading assembly to maintain the vitality of the seed Quality check and certification by reputed European and Indian laboratories like Eurofins, SGS and Microchem-Silikare on parameters like physical characteristics, nutritional attributes, microbial status, and heavy metal and pesticide residue Careful packaging
of the soybean as well as the shipping containers
to ensure that it remains genuinely organic throughout its journey
More than
13,500 acres
under cultivation
Annual Productivity
of more than
12,000 MT
Organic Soybean
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